Hold organization meetings

The Foundation is a medical foundation; its board of directors is the supervising and managing body. The board has 13 directors and one supervisor, each with a term of four years. The 7th term, which is the current term, starts on January 1st, 2014 and endsDecember 31st, 2017. The board of directors supervises the operations of the Foundation and the blood donation centers. A total of three meetings were held in the past year, on February 19th, May 21st and October 21st.
To move the Foundation’s business forward, the chairman may often call meetings with the blood donation centers and department supervisors for consultation and communication. In the past year, a total of seven expanded management meetings were held on January 28th, April 15th, May 14th, May 21st, June 17th and December 19th.
Improve teamquality
This department’s tasks include encouraging the departments to implement in-service education and training courses for blood collection, blood supply, testing, composition, quality assurance, PR planning, finance and accounting, information and administration, as well as providing practical work training, inviting experts and scholars for lectures when required, ordering professional English journals and organizing reading clubs to improve the quality of personnel.
To encourage entry-level personnel, excellent staff members will be periodically selected to be publicly praised in order to enhance all the staff’s loyalty and promote team spirit.
Strengthen centralized procurement business
For large requirements related to commonly used blood bags, reagents, instruments and materials for business needs, centralized procurement is performed for all blood donation centers to effectively reduce purchase costs; through the warehouse management system, the validity period and quantity are properly controlled to improve the effectiveness of utilization.
Add new self-owned work places
The construction of a new Pingtung blood donation station at the Kaohsiung blood donation center has been planned in order to meet the demands of business development. Construction of the main structure was completed this year and the interior decoration and other related constructions have started. It is expected to be completed and opened in the first half of 2015.
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