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Corporations and ClubsMake Contributions toSociety

To enhance blood services, Hsinchu Blood Center planned to collect large blood mobiles and blood transport trucks this year. President of Ruitang Construction and Ruiyi Construction Luo Fu-lai realized his goal to make contributions to society by donating the "Ruitang No.1" multimedia bloodmobile and one blood transport truck to Hsinchu Blood Centeron January 25 so that the donors in Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli can all experience more comfortable and convenient blood donation services.
Rotary International District 3500 mobilized more than 3,000 members to donate funds for four large multimedia bloodmobiles and one blood transfusion truck to Hsinchu Blood Center for the benefit of a large number of donors. On April 12, the launching ceremony was held at Hsinchu County Arena. The Chairman of Taiwan Blood Services Foundation, Ye Jin-chuan, gave a "limited edition Chinese zodiac blood baby set" to thank members of Rotary International District 3500 for their contributions to society, setting an unprecedented record of resource integration in Taiwan and the largest number of bloodmobiles donated.
The total population of Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli is 3.6 million. Hsinchu Blood Center consists of the following fixed blood donations spots: Jhubei Aihsin Building, Taoyuan Blood Donation Station, Miaoli Blood Donation Station, Xida Blood Donation Site, Zhongli Blood Donation Site, Chang Gung Blood Donation Site, Toufen Blood Donation Site, etc. The five large multimedia bloodmobiles and two blood transport trucks donated by Ruitang Construction, Ruiyi Construction, and Rotary International District 3500 can serve even more people with moremobile blood donationevents.
Blood Donation Month, World Blood Donor Day
While celebrating Christmas and welcoming the year of horse, one month before every Chinese New Year is Blood Donation Month. To increase the amount of blood donations, Hsinchu Blood Center held the "Double Blood Donation and Taking a Picture on a Horse" event at Dongmencheng Blood Donation Station in Hsinchu on December 21, inviting twins, friends, those whose Chinese zodiac sign is a horse, and those whose name has the word "horse" in it to donate their blood together. Two donors together make "double contributions". The cute fortune horse showed up for the first time at Dongmencheng, Hsinchu. After the donors donated their blood, they could mount the horse and take a photo, a "limited edition photo of the blood baby". The twin sisters Xu Jia-wei and Xu Jia-ning, who were born in December, donated blood for the first time, making a double contribution. It is the most meaningful birthday memory for them. The Center successfully advocated blood donation through this interesting activity.
The theme of World Blood Donor Day on June14 was "Safe blood for saving mothers". To thank donors for providing safe blood for pregnant women intime, the Center specially invited mother, mother and son, and mother and daughter donors. The popular Monkey donor danced happily with the general public. Many years ago, donor Lin Rui-hua, amother, had severe postpartum hemorrhaging. To thank the nameless donor for saving her life, she and her husband decided to donate blood to save others as well. Motherand son donors Zheng Ling-ling and Peng Yu-ran both donate blood very frequently. Furthermore, 14 air crew members donated their blood together for World Blood Donor Day, leaving an unforgettable memory for their military life. This year’s World Blood Donor Day advocated sufficient blood for medical purposes through warm-hearted interaction.
Praising Excellent Donors' Selfless Contributions
To thank donors for their selfless contributions, Hsinchu Blood Center held the 2013 Praising Excellent Donor Convention at Ambassador Hotel in Hsinchuon May 6. The popular Monkey donor showed up in a lovely costume. Hsinchu City Mayor Xu Ming-cai and Hsinchu County Executive Qiu Jing-chun, as well as other honorary guests, gave certificates of appreciation to donors for their selfless contributions. A total of 1,643 donors from Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli, 25 clubs and corporations, 10 schools, and 4 institutions of the Armed Forces including Army Command Headquarter at this event.
According to statistics, among the donors from Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli in 2013, 33.4% are laborers, the top in the region and in Taiwan. The proportions of laborers in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Hualien Blood Centers are14.6%, 24.1%, 22.2%, 16.2%, 10.2%, respectively. "Anonymous donors push us forward". This praising convention gathered people from all walks of life, including chefs, postmen, securities guards, and mechanics.They received the honor in the working uniform that they wear every day with pride.
The "Appreciation Tea Party" took placeon October 30, where 21 donors over 65 years old from Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli shared their experiences with blood donation, hoping to pass it down to the next generations. The Center gave an "all-purpose blood baby tag" to thank donors for their selfless contributions.
In Memory of Blood Donation
To thank the donors for their contributions and encourage them to receive a "blood donation examination report" via e-mail, donors donating blood four times in two years receive a birthday card sent by the Center. The donor can take the printed card to receive a gift at the blood donation Site inTaoyuna, Hsinchu, or Miaoli. The gifts were sponsored by corporations and clubs for free. They promoted blood donation together with Hsinchu Blood Center. The head nurse and other staff would sing Happy Birthday to the donors who donated blood on their birthday and gave them the most heart-warming blessing.
Promoting the Quality of Blood Donation and Supply Services
To enhance blood supply services, Miaoli Blood Donation Station held the 2014 Forum on Blood Supply in Miaoli on August 5. The Director of the Division of Hematology at Da Chien Hospital, Huang Ming-li, gave a keynote speech on "The Clinical Use of Leukoreduction aphresis plaletets, "sharing the actual effects of patients in the Division ofHematology's use of Leukoreduction products through hisclinical experience.
On November 6, the Center held the 2014 Blood Donation Group Forum. Twenty groups that had supported blood donation for a long time, including National Chao Tung University, the 6th Corp Command, and Powerchip Technology Corporation, were invited to share their experiences regarding holding blood donation activities. By learning and communicating with each other, blood donation services can be sustainably developed.
To enhance blood transfusion quality, doctor of Hsinchu Blood Center Meng Fan-fan gave a keynote speech on "Clinical Blood Transfusion Safety" at the Hsinchu Branch of Taipei Veterans General Hospital on November 25. Dean You Han-chin, 30 doctors, and medical laboratory staff discussed blood, transfusion reactions, emergency blood transfusion, blood transfusion of patients with negative antigen red blood cells and HLA, etc.
On December 12 and 26, CEO of Taiwan Service Proprieties Quality Management Association Huang Ai-ting was invited to give a speech on "Six-Heart Level Service", familiarizing the audience with top service quality through an interactive speech with the hopes that employees can provide the best service for each donor.
To encourage the staff and volunteers to provide more considerate services for donors, "Like service" Facebook campaign has been held since 2011. The donors can vote for the staff member that provides good services, including service during the processof blood donation, care before and after blood donation, health education, etc. Staff members with a lot of "likes" will be praised publically on Facebook each quarter so that the staff can remind each other to improve their quality and service.
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